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For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of my posts about the fact that I have free electricity for life. I know, it sounds crazy, right? But it’s the real deal. But you may be wondering, how exactly does it work?

You see, in addition to my musical endeavors, I’m also an Independent Consultant with a company called Ambit Energy. What exactly does an Ambit Consultant do? Well only two things really. I gather just a few customers, and then I teach other people how to do the same thing. I was brought into the Ambit business by another musician, who today is now retired, earning enough money from Ambit Energy every month.

You see, Ambit Energy offers a service unlike any other in the country. Ambit allows consultants and customers the opportunity to get free electricity and/or natural gas for life. When you really think about it, that comes out to tens-of-thousands of dollars over the course of your life in savings. That’s why I started my own Ambit Energy business. Not just because of the insane amounts of money you can make by becoming a consultant, but the thought of never paying an electric bill had a certain allure to it.

So how exactly does it work? Well it’s pretty simple.

As an Ambit Energy consultant, one only needs to sign up 15 electric and/or 15 natural gas customers. Or as an existing Ambit Energy customer, you need to refer 15 electric and/or 15 natural gas customers through your own complimentary and completely optional Ambit Energy website. Ambit then takes the average of those 15 people’s bills, and subtracts it from your own bill each month. It’s a pretty sweet deal.



If your bill is $100, and your customers’ bills average $110, you pay nothing.

If your bill is $100 and your customers’ bills average $90, you would only pay $10.

Pretty simple!

Here is an actual bill from an Ambit Energy customer with the free energy credit:Dallaselectricbill


$342.12, all the way reduced down to just $2.49. Not bad!

So you may be wondering, “How do I know this Ambit thing is legit? What evidence do I have that shows this is a trustworthy company?”

I’d be happy to tell you!

Ambit Energy is now entering our 8th year of business, and we have accumulated quite a number of recognitions and accolades from reputable publications that can vouch for us.


But enough with the accolades. How do you know if this is something that you can successful do? Ambit Energy pays me thousands of dollars a year in residual income for being a consultant, as well as free electricity for life, but can you do the same? How easy is it to actually sign up a new Ambit Energy customer? It’s very easy. In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes, it is risk free, the customers have guaranteed savings, and nothing changes for the customer.

  • No cost for customers to switch.
  • No new bills. They continue to get billed by the same company they’ve been billed by; it’s just cheaper now.
  • Guaranteed savings. Ambit offers competitive rates in all markets that we are currently in, with guaranteed savings in each of those markets.
  • No cancellation fees. If a customer ever wants to switch to a different Ambit plan, or drop back to their previous or a different provider, they can. No hidden early termination or cancellation fees, making it truly a risk-free opportunity.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes online to make the switch. It just takes a few clicks, and all you need is the Account Number from your current supplier.

But what other benefits or incentives can Ambit provide for customers other than the guaranteed savings?

  • Travel Reward points. Just for paying your bill like you always do right now, Ambit will begin crediting you Travel Reward points that can over time be redeemed for free flights, spa getaways, Cancun vacations, cruises, and more. I believe my own parents now have enough points for a Bahamas Vacation. Details can be found at
  • As I mentioned above, all customers receive a complimentary referral website, which is completely option.
  • Refer 5 new customers and automatically get one of the free vacations from
  • Refer 10 more for a total of 15 to get free energy for life. There’s nothing quite like 100% savings!

If any of this information interests you, and you would like to consider becoming either an Ambit Energy customer to save money, and/or get free energy for life like me, then click here to go check out my customer website.

But if you would like something more, and would like the opportunity to get a check anytime a customer pays their electric bill (which is every month), and earn thousands of dollars or more every year like I do, as well as get free energy for life, then click here to check out my business website, and watch the short video.

In addition to the long term residual income that Ambit Consultants can earn monthly, Ambit Energy also pays out weekly bonuses every time a new consultant joins Ambit Energy in your organization and gets their first three customers. Here is one such example of a bonus check I received recently for $310.00.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.22.04 PM

I have to tell you, it is a great feeling seeing these bonus checks come in.

Ambit Energy’s top-earning consultant, Brian McClure earns on average, $452,000…per month. His yearly average for 2014 was $5,242,000. Now, I’m not by any means earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a month or year with Ambit Energy…yet. But I fully intend to get there, and I’d love to help you get there as well. If you would like more information, or want to start your own Amit business, just check out the links above, or again right here and click on the Start Your Own Business tab.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. As of right now, Ambit Energy is offering Open Enrollment for new Ambit Energy consultants. What exactly does that mean? Well with the exception of right now, in Ambit’s eight years of existence, it has cost new Ambit consultant’s a one-time investment of $429 to start their own businesses. But right now, that start up fee is $0. So if you’ve ever wanted to give something like this a try, but have been nervous to in the past, or didn’t have the start up funds, now is the time to reconsider!

If you would like a more personal look from an actual Ambit Consultant at how the Ambit Business model works, I highly recommend you check out this YouTube presentation created this week by one of Ambit Energy’s top consultants from New York, Michael Obay. Michael owned four business and worked 100+ hours a week when he started his Ambit business. If there’s a success story out there for how absolutely anyone can become successful in this business, despite seemingly not having any free time, it’s his. Today, six years later, he is retired in his 30’s. He is one of the best people in the world at explaining this opportunity and how it works. You can check out that video right below:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My contact info is included in the links above.

Thanks for reading!


Seth Miller

Regional Consultant

Ambit Energy