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Musician, educator, and salesman, Seth is a guy with diverse interests. Seth is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where he completed a dual-major in Percussion Performance and Music Education. During his time at West Chester University, he toured much of the country as the timpanist with the Cadets Drum Corps, and was part of educational musical outreaches in Costa Rica. From the summers of 2010-2012, Seth was a member of the Camp-of-the-Woods Resort orchestra in New York, where he played drum set, jazz vibraphone, and orchestral percussion. Seth has also played drum set for multiple church bands throughout Pennsylvania over the past ten years, and enjoyed freelancing in the Greater Philadelphia area.

More recently, Seth was a graduate Teaching Assistant to Dr. Doug Walter at the University of Colorado Boulder, while pursuing a Master’s of Music degree in Percussion Performance. Since moving to Colorado in 2013, Seth has taught the Percussion Pedagogy course and drum set lessons with the Continuing Education program at CU. Seth has also been privileged to work with select CU Boulder faculty on a special recording session for album release, entitled A Morning in Iowa.

Seth was also employed as the Percussion Instructor at Bruce Randolph Middle/High School and the General Music Instructor at Garden Place Academy in Denver, as part of El Sistema Colorado. El Sistema is a program that seeks to transform the lives of low-income and at-risk students through the power of music.

After graduating from CU with his Master’s, Seth was awarded a full-ride scholarship at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music, where Seth is now pursuing an Artist Diploma in Percussion. Seth can be found freelancing with the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, Boulder Chamber Orchestra, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Arapahoe Symphony, and Cheyenne Symphony Orchestras, as well as playing drum set at Victory Church Denver in Westminster, CO. In his personal time, Seth runs his own energy business with Ambit Energy, now a billion dollar company and the largest direct retailer of energy in the world. He is enjoying exploring what life has to offer next with his wife and expanding his musical and personal outreach here in Colorado.


  • “Some will hate me, others will love me, but everyone will hear me.”

    This can be said about each of us personally. So true!

    • For sure! I was trying to think of a catchy motto one day, and that’s what I came up with.

  • AJK

    yo you gotta change the part about you Chevy Celebrity cause you don’t got that anymore! 😉

    • Haha, very true Andrew! Thank you for bringing it up!

  • Pam Shields

    Hey Seth!
    I am looking for a particular Seth Miller. Would you mind telling me if your mom’s name is Pearl?
    Thanks! Pam

    • Sorry, but looks like you have the wrong Seth Miller!

      • Pam Shields

        Too bad! You seem like a fine young Christian man and that is what I hope my friend’s son turned out to be.
        God bless your endeavors to share your faith. Pam

  • Tom J “tj the dj”

    I admire your strength. God’s richest Blessings to you. I’m a Roman Catholic Deacon, a nursing home chaplain, and I’m almost 62 years old. GOD is my strength and my salvation. I enjoy rprayer, reading Thomas Merton AND jOHN hENRY nEWMAN. pEACE TO YOU AND YOURS.

  • Hi, Seth, nice to find your web. I admire you for your life-principles and your braveness to be different.

    And I guess, I’m in the same track with you. I also have my own blog (still very new and in progress) to promote chastity lifestyle and true love based on John Paul 2’s Theology of the body. Do visit my blog : http://www.beauty.monjc.com to read some articles. (Well, you might need help from google translate to read some articles, since some of them are written in my local language, Indonesia – to promote it in my own country).

    Thank you for being a good man – u know, guys like u r veryyyy rare!!
    keep up the good work! keep on fire!

  • Heidi

    hey seth, the yellow font kind of hurts to read. lol

    • Oh shoot! I forgot to change the font color on every page except for that one lol. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  • Lynn Winters

    Hi Seth,
    Yikes I can’t find a box to email you so sorry for using this space for a request! I really appreciated your orderly and well thought out/research to the posting on Jenna J. facebook page concerning the debate on Traditional Marriage. I have asked a few family members if they would be willing to read your response (yes I had to assure them it did not come from a Biblical perspective–sad I know but that is where we are!) Anyway I tried to copy and paste it from facebook with no success. (no I am not very adept with a computer!) They will NOT read it in its entirety unless I print it out! If there is anyway you could send all you wrote (and in order :0) to my email–or on a link where it could be copied and pasted? I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate it…..your clear explanation shined with the light of God’s truth and His desire for us to live happily in safety and health.
    Your Sister in Christ,
    ps. if you could reply to email vs this thread, that would be best–If I am asking too
    much that is okay–please just let me know –I can always retype that whole facebook thread (I don’t normally do facebook–but i have figured out how to find that again after being shown a couple of times!)

  • Anonymous

    Are you a staff writer for gotquestions.org?

    • I am not, although that would be a fun job! I have cited quite a few of their articles though in my own blog.

  • Anonymous

    ever end up marching with the Reading Buccaneers?

    • Just with the Cadets. But I had many colleagues who marched with the Bucs.