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  1. Elana Ross

    Thank you for posting this, the truth needs to be out there. As a woman who was born a woman, I’m actually insulted that confused men think that all it takes to be a woman is to grow your hair long, wear a dress, and put on the perfect shade of red lipstick. I’m so sick of the mass confusion between gender and sex, how they’ve inccorectly become interchangeable. Gender is a social construct and sex is irreversible. No matter how hard Bruce Jenner wishes and non matter how many tubes of lipstick he goes through, nothing in this world will ever change the male sex of each and every one of the cells in his body. People in general are so deluded, willing to believe anything, and unfortunately it seems like my fellow women are spearheading it so much more than men. As the more emotional and compassionate sex, we generally seem to be more open to these afflictions without using our brains and acknowledging that these things are far from concrete. I’m so ashamed to be part of the human race, we have a world full of information available, yet we choose to be ignorant and believe lies. Only a fool gladly believes lies and admonishes a wise man for believing in truth.

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