1. Caleb

    The issue with Ferguson is more than just the death of Michael Brown. Yes, the rioting and looting is a terrible mistake. And Wilson probably (I wasn’t there and don’t like to say definitely without researching it in depth) shot Brown out of self defense rather than malice. Honestly, I don’t care about that. It’s not my battle, and my judging one way or the other won’t change anything.
    What I do care about and can do something about is trying to understand why this uproar happened in the first place. Why do black people keep complaining about racism when racism is supposedly dead in the US? From the little investigation I’ve done, black people are discriminated against because they are different than us. Their skin has a different color, yes, but they also act differently, dress differently, talk differently, like different music. If they acted and looked more like white people, maybe they’d be more approachable, but they don’t, so we choose more familiar and comfortable white people to hang out with or even offer jobs too. However, they have a rich and energetic culture that our white culture is poorer without.

    Apologies for the rambling nature of the post. I’m still trying to understand the issue and flesh out my thoughts and concerns about it.

  2. Bernadette

    Caleb, whatever point you were trying to make is not well stated.

    I’ve been on the receiving end of black people assuming that I am a hateful racist because my skin lacks ample pigment. It’s ugly, vitriolic and it only serves to perpetuate the divide. And it makes me wonder who did what to them before they encountered me to make such assumptions about me. One particular instance, I saw a family in a store parking lot, leaving to get in the car. The father saw an evil white woman who was going to run down his son with her vehicle on sight. And he told his son just as much, loud enough that I could hear every word through closed windows, the AC blowing, and the radio on a low volume. All I could think of was how unfortunate for that man’s children being denied the opportunity to see people as humans instead of agents of the devil incarnate.

    Martin Luther King, Jr is rolling in his grave indeed. He gave his life in his efforts for equality, and somewhere along the way, his dream got pooped on by the celebrity activists who now collect a paycheck by perpetuating that very divide their forebears shed blood to end.

  3. david

    @caleb. I completely disagree. You look at asians, indians, hispanics, eastern europeans…their cultures are much different than Caucasians too.

    There is a problem in the urban community with the glorification of violence and crime. This is certainly not a problem belonging to all african americans, but it would be foolish to claim that the culture doesn’t exist

  4. Cici

    Read the evidence you are posting! The physical evidence was tampered with! Officer Wilson washed away blood evidence and there is a video of him walking away from the crime scene without bruises on his face! All the facts have not and can never be released. We were played by the police (who gathered the evidence as well).

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