• if you take the doctrine you proclaim to its logical conclusion then what will you have?

    if your doctrine is correct then we should kill all children everywhere and be 100% pro abortion to guarantee their Eternal Salvation and save them from the wickedness of their parents. It is reasoning like this that justifies every evil man does to man and then lays the blame of that evil on God.

    Your reasoning and logic are completely simple minded and flawed. Chock full of the telltale signs of religious blindness.

    Do you know how many children from broken homes have been saved and given a new lease on life through adoption? Even into their tenage years? Let alone those who were given to decent parents (not just christian) at an early age. they are still sinners but they themselves commit no great acts of evil by and large.

    by your foolish reasoning no one should adopt children from africa, or korea, or china because they have already been corrupted by their parents. its best that they just be put to death right?

    furthermore your Gospel is heresy.

    no one is righteous enough to “Go to Heaven”. However God’s greatest attribute is LOVE, What makes him MOST HOLY is not his hatred of evil but his LOVE. Do you think yourself beter than Hitler? Do you think yourself more righteous then other men? Or that God chose you because you we not so bad and that you were willing to listen? All are held in the sway of the deceiver, and some are held in the sway of their own self deception.

    If you think this then you have compltely missed the message. The TRUTH is that God is Love. And that God in his perfect LOVE and HOLINESS sent His son into the world and He IMPUTED all the sin of all of mankind from adam to the last man that will come onto HIM. then he nailed Him to a cross and killed Him thus judging all sin of all time in His LAMB. Completing perfect passover and perfect atonemnent for all. The price for all sin is Paid for. thus freeing God to bestow mercy and salvation onto ALL MEN. (in however many He chooses to in whatever way He sees fit. Its HIS Salvation and HE owns it)

    It is more righteous to forgive than to punnish. It is a more Holy thing to heal and restore than to destroy. (how did God demonstrate his perfect righteousness to us? what does the scripture say?)

    Men have often done things that were horrible to one another and laid them at the feet of God. insisting that it was God who gave the order to do it. remember jesus revealed that he has not told moses to allow them to divorce but that moses of himself had given that commandment because of the hardness of their hearts.

    Something to think about isnt it.

    • I believe you sorely misunderstood my post. I reposted an article from someone else, who does not advocate killing infants at all. Instead, he was providing a possible reasoning as to why there were deaths within the Old Testament. Things changed dramatically between the Old and New Testaments. I never dispute the fact that God is love, and wholeheartedly agree with you on that point. With that said, I think you misinterpreted what was being written here.

  • So you believe that the targeted killing of children and babies is, sometimes, under some circumstances, justifiable??

    Even in war, the targeted killing of children is considered a war crime. Killing children as “collateral damage” in the act of war is not a war crime, but deliberately targeting children for killing; hunting them down; looking for their hiding places and then running them down as they scream in terror as they see you raise your sword or knife, IS a war crime.

    Your god would be arrested, tried, and convicted of the most heinous war crimes if he were put on trial today. He is a monster. How can you teach your children this barbaric nonsense? How can you call yourself a “moral” person and believe this?

    There is NEVER any justifiable reason to target children for killing. Never. Ever

  • richdellavalle

    You say God kills innocent children in the Old Testament in order to save them and that they go to heaven? Where exactly is that policy spelled out? The New Testament clearly states that you can only enter heaven if you believe in Jesus.

    By attempting to justify a disgusting god and his lust for blood and the smells from animal sacrifices tell me that you are a crazy person and a horrible human being.